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dj Kelee

dj Kelee

started DJ’ing in private clubs (as they were called in those days) during the late 70’s.  What a great time learning to spin on stretched-out belt-driven turntables, mixing those “real drum” artists, using old matchbox covers pressed ever so carefully alongside the edge of those wobbly records.  Honestly, I’d have it no other way…  Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta (Canada) I played at the Roost with occasional spots at the iconic club Flashback.  I learned a personal style for a few years before deciding to move out to the west coast where everything seemed larger than life (being a prairie boy and all...).

Shortly thereafter, I became a resident DJ at The Queens Head, PALS then Rumours spinning vinyl over 10 or so years.  I had acquired many nicknames along the way such as Prima Donna (Roost) or Kelly Marie (Queens Head)… in fact, the spelling of my first name was done intentionally to distinguish me from other club personalities and that change has served me well along this bouncy disco-beat journey.  However, in this industry, it was felt, at some point in time that one must make a way for aspiring minds that have “the calling” and as such can breathe a newer essence onto a willing dance floor... so with that said... I went off those lovely SL-1500 MK2 turntables (IMHO) while pursuing other life goals.

After several years being in Toronto I eventually acquired “itchy finger syndrome” which any DJ knows as being an expected occurrence especially while listening to others spinning!  This time around I limited myself to not being resident anywhere and focused on doing guest spots, events and\or afterhours.  I became known in the city for Homo-Hops, M-Hole and the Playground.  Considered alternative and underground by my peers plus remix service promoter (DMC\Twitch\Razormaid & spinoffs)... I was certainly derailed from the considered mainstream path... which is where I’m content to be...

After meeting Peter from Hollywood Dance Radio and the crew I just felt it was a good match… Enjoy.

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